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saturday morning. sara cassidy was killed when she crossed the strdz line and -- center line and slammed into a car. the driver of the other car was take tonight hospital. a separate crash last night around 10, 27-year-old marcus anderson was driving in glen burnie when he drove into the path of an mta bus. the car was pushed back and caught fire. marcus was killed. his 14-year-old brother was take tonight hospital. the driver of the bus and passenger brs taken to the hospital. the last one around 1:00 this morning in annapolis, police say 33-year-old brian jonelis hit a guard rail. he was stuck underneath the car.
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he died at scene and a passenger was take on it shock trauma. >> the goal is to change the behavior and pattern of drivers. >> reporter: although the causes are under investigation, they want to stress distraction. >> they can lead to serious life all tarring or fatal -- altering or fatal crashes and our job is to prevent that. >> less say the person in the glen burnie accident was not wearing a seat belt. starting this past weekend fines went up along 83 north warning truckers if you pull over to rest on the shoulder you're going to get a $60 citation. state place say it has caused deadly accidents and truckers
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need to better plan their brakes. truckers say there's no real rest stop and it's important for drivers to get rest. >> we want drivers to be well rested when they're on the road. so without adequate truck parking, that's where they're going to end up is on the shoulder. >> we doesn't want them to surpass that mandatory rest period. we're encouraging them to plan ahead. if you see yourself getting close, maybe pull over earlier. >> well, the state police started the enforcement. so far, the truckers have gont the message. troopers have handed out one citation. we have an entire page on our website. it's all dedicated to the dangers of drowsy driving. you can find everything from the victims to information about whether drunk driving or driving tired is dangerous. there's also a list of five
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myths about drowsy driving. a baltimore man is perhaps one of hundreds who got hepatitis c from a traveling medical technician. david kwiatkowski was at maryland hospitals and others in other states. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more on the story. >> reporter: nelson said david kwiatkowski was on the team that treated him in 2008. this was one of several hospitals where kwiatkowski worked as a temp, but a temp that authorities said had a drug problem and did anything to get that fixed. 1966, linwood nelson served in baltimore. he said the baltimore va has been great, treating him for many years, more recently lung disease. that's why he was surprised when they contacted him about a meeting. >> it was a phone call from the chief of staff from the hospital's office telling me the
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situation about mr. kwiatkowski and said that i needed to come in to be tested, and about a week later they called me and told me that i tested positive for hepatitis c. >> reporter: nelson appears to be a victim of david kwiatkowski a temporary technician who worked in hospitals in seven different states, including four in maryland. kwiatkowski took sirens and in-- syringes and then used the same syringe on patients. >> i thought about my kids, loved ones, brothers, companion and all of that and wondering if, in the four years that i've walked around annoyingly hugging and kissing my kids and grand kids and wondering if any of them contracted it from me. >> reporter: no one else in
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nelson's family has the disease but he's not sure if the treatment can interfere with treatment for his lung condition. the va said it contacted about 168 people, including nelson whose treatment involved david kwiatkowski. nelson who hired an attorney said he's not mad about the va but he wants this set right. >> they need to put safeguards in to make sure this happens to no other veteran or person in any hospital and people have to be vigilant about their healthcare. when you are in that hospital sick and everyone who walks up with scrubs on, you trust them. know where that needle came from. >> reporter: nelson is one of five people who have gone public with this. all of them have hired an attorney. kwiatkowski also worked at more
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than a dozen different hospitals in seven states before he was timely raised -- arrested in new hampshire in july. beautiful evening out there. take a look at the shot downtown. we have a mostly clear sky overhead. temperatures into the 70s at the present hour. we are dealing with numbers that are well below average, 74 in town. 5 -- 75 in easton. certain cool air on ton of that and that will be the trend over the next several days. notice the dew points into the 40s. that's an indication of dry air massments clear skies, light northwesterly wind. so we have high deal conditions for the game tonight. you'll see temperatures rapidly falling into the 60s through the course of the evening. we have three systems in the atlantic. upper 40s for overnight lows. that's coming up.
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>> all right. there are two keys to the best ravens parking, close and cheap. paying for a spot for both could and up getting you towed if you're not careful. joce sterman last a warning that you need to see before you hand over cash neither stadium. >> reporter: just because someone has a sign selling cheap spots doesn't mean you're good to g some are scammers. with 70,000 fans trying to get into m&t bank stadium, parking is at a premium. in some lot owners sell the spots. in other cases scammers take over, charge you cash, bail and your car is towed. the city is trying to shut down that type skin and sending out enforcers. lot owners need to provide a receipt, staff an attendant during the entire event and pay the city a share of the profits.
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>> any legitimate lot operator is paying taxes and have pulled a permit. they should be able to demonstrate they're a legal lot. if they don't have that i would probably move on. >> reporter: to protect yourself, ask for a receipt to prove you paid to pancht ask the attend daunt if someone will be monitoring it and ask for prove that they will pay the parking tax. you can also take the light rail. baltimore is full of purple pride. we have your ravens time savers traffic report. tonight's ravens game will cause delays downtown. there's always a lot of congestion surrounding m&t. now the stadium parking lots are already packed with tailgaters and some of the lots could be
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full. so you will want to avoid street parking and use one of the many commercial parking garages near the stadium. public transportation is also recommend. have a great time at the game. go ravens. i'll be tracking the delays of your commute tomorrow on good morning maryland. the ravens are dedicating this season to art modell. modell will be layed to rest at 11:00 in the morning at the baltimore hebrew congregation. commissioner roger modell will speak. the family is asking that contributions be made to the school. so when the hart of the ravens -- heart of the ravens comes out of that tunnel, it will be an
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emotional night of football. >> this is a night art modell made. talking about the co founder of monday night football and how ironic that the ravens kick it off. the ravens are a touchdown favorite. i just saw just thin tucker thinking about the excitement that rookie must be going through knowing he's the guy doing all the kicking for the ravens, jacoby jones. here's a guy who had 10 opening days in baltimore. that was with the baltimore colts. give me a couple of teams you see? i think for the offense how they will handle cincinnati's front comp, so you see how that works out. defensively i'm curious about how the defense will play overall. >> one of the things, you see these art pens that we have
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honoring modell. talk about art's contribution. >> he came to the league in '61. he had the vision to know that television was the way to g the biggest thing about art for retired players, he was a compassion in the man and had passion for it. every person who knew him understood this and that's why he was a great man. football was a family business to him and he treated the family so good. >> what about openers. you guys are pros but you get burt -- butterflies. >> the butterflies are always. there no mat thr how old you are, whether you're ray lewis or one of these young rookies, you're going to have butterflies. >> reporter: he know last little bit about football.
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the opening day has been good for the ravens. under the john harbaugh joe flacco era, they haven't lost anything. we'll see you tonight at 11. so ravens fans are ready for football. >> our kickoff is set for 7:00 at m&t bank stadium. hanging out with excited fans, christian. >> reporter: this is jason. where are you from? >> essex, maryland. >> reporter: explaint eyes to the viewers. >> i couldn't find purple, so i went with red. >> now that we've addressed the eye issue, this used to be a reg garr gmc safari van. >> this is the old school
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lounge. we designed it around 40 something guys from east baltimore. we love hold rap music, run dmc, public enemy that sort of thing. show you did it myself. 4,000 watts of raw stereo power. four flat screen tv's and a whole lot of purple velvet. >> you've got space for predrinks. are you headed to the game? >> no. we're here to watch the game out here. >> reporter: they're here just to watch the game out here. great seeing you. quite a scene. as you can see, filing across the foot bridge, across the light rail and into m&t bank stadium. kickoff coming up at 7:00. we're live out of about the --
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m&t bank stadium, christian schaffer. >> christian schaffer's got the part going on. >> he lives in that van. if you take medicine to deal with any, here comes another pain. >> people calling you up, throwing around big words trying to confuse you in a medicare scam. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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we've told you time and time nag about the dangers of giving out prnlg information over the phone. scammers continue it because it works. this time they're using medicare. joce sterman has a warning you need to hear in this week's scam
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alert. >> reporter: it doesn't take much for a scammer to cause you pain. in this case all they have to do is ring your phone and use federal healthcare reform as a employ. people claiming they work for the government are calling saying you need to verify or give your personal information to get a new medicare card under the affordable care act. they may ask for your social security number more bank account information. the advice is simple, don't ever give your personal information to someone you don't know. remember any government agency or legitimate business will already have the details they need, so they shouldn't have to ask. scammers can use what they get to steal your identity, get into your bank account or take out loans. so if someone calls claiming to work for uncle sam, don't take
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the bait. >> if you get a call, the attorney general's office wants you to contact them at 1-888-743-0023. >> what a fantastic afternoon. take a look, just a mixture of sunshine it. was a struggle to get out of the 70s. the shot showing us a really good looking picture. here's the current stats. 73 degrees. look at the bone dry humidity at 37%. look at the sunset at 7:22. that's depression. 73 in town. 72 forward frederick. most spots in the 70s. oakland is reporting
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temperatures falling in the 60s. all the humidity levels, those are gone. we have dew points in the low 70s. it's a blend of clouds. 68. and 50s by tomorrow morning. a blend of clouds across the area. go out toward the west, high pressure. that will park itself. we'll deal with mostly sunny skies, warm days and cool nights. traik a look at -- take a look at temperatures. out toward the dakotas, it's 100 degrees. so, again, a little bit of a breeze. that's going to shut down as the high pressure anchors on top of us. go to the tropics. there's leslie. you've got michael that's a strong storm. then there's another system we'll have to keep an eye on as that moves into the central
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atlantic. temperatures tonight falling back into the 40s to 50. back into the 70s for tomorrow afternoon. same deal for tomorrow night has we have temperatures back into the 40s, a few spots north and west of 70. so 50 in town, clear, cool and crisp. tomorrow a two-degree guarantee. your seven-day forecast looks like this. tuesday 78. 82 on wednesday. thursday warmer at 84 degrees, into the 80 going into next week. sunday a few showers but that will not lab widespread situation. good forecast overall. we'll talk more about the tropics at 11. >> wyatt's off to the game. mike's stepping in. >> luckily we aren't on for three hours. all right. be right back after the break.
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before we go, we want to give you a look at with we're working own. >> facebook is a great way to share your pick clirs with family. but do you know what you're agreeing to when you press that "agree" button. new video and audio to give us a look at what this was like on the day there was a shootout at the temple.
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we'll gge from the patrol car. >> those stories and a whole lot or when you join us at 11:00. >> we'll goat down into the 60s -- get down into the 60s and eventually the 50s. 78 for tuesday. 812 on wednesday -- 82 on wednesday. how about this. orioles versus tampa bay and showers could sneak back into the picture for sunday. not one, not two but three systems out in the tropic the. we'll talk about that all new. >> it will be a scene. >> let's go ravens. strike up the band.
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